Black Business News: 10 of the Best Apps From Black Founders in 2016

While there clearly was lots of discuss variety and addition and hiring more people of color in tech companies this season, other people place their particular heads down and got hectic generating their particular. We took a review of many apps and startups this season which were launched by folks from the African diaspora.

Check out of your preferences from 2016:


  1. Paystack


Paystack provides a centralized means for African on the web merchants to accept internet based payments from multiple methods. Developed by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi, the organization recently closed $1.3 million in seed investment.

Image: Paystack Image: Paystack


  1. Rate The Media


Price My Media is an app that has been manufactured by University of Southern California connect teacher, Dr. Brendesha Tynes. With-it, you are able to rate publications, movies, articles, video gaming, social media sites, television shows, plus on the platform made to help to improve their state of “equity and addition, mastering, and basic material high quality.”

Image: RateMyMedia Image: RateMyMedia

  1. Assist Bond Me enables you to crowdfund for bail cash and offers various other solutions. Founder and CEO Ben McFarlin refers to assist Bond Me as “the crowdfunding platform for pre-trial detainees.”

Image: Image:


  1. LOVR


LOVR is a curated electronic store for organic, natural, beauty and wellness items. Founder and CEO Jessica Pritchett says she launched the platform in order to assist folks detox their particular beauty regimens. “Most ladies put more than 500 synthetic chemical substances on the skin, fingernails, and locks each and every day. Research Indicates that these chemical substances have actually resulted in cancer tumors, reproductive harm, and neurotoxicity.”

Image: Lovr Image: Lovr


  1. State Secure Stop


Developed by tech pioneer and business owner Dez White, State Secure Stop is an app that assists folks if they have actually authorities stops. White describes how it functions below, “Download the app once you enroll while making a secure record from three folks in your phone. When you have actually authorities contact, press your safe record. That sends notifications towards safe record you were ended and allows them know your location.”

Image: State secured Stop Image: State secured Stop

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